about me

central asia part 1-72
Hi, I am Leslie. I Like photography, I like backpack and stay in hostel, I like reading, I like beer, I like fine dining, I like beach…..This is me!
I am international photographer originally from JB malaysia. who spent 8 years photography life in singapore. I was inspired by Horst Faas, Steve Mccurry, Abbas….. It was them i grew up my passion for the photography.
Over the last several years i have traveled from south east asia, india ,middle east, africa, central asia and of course europe for street and documentary photography. This seems a good chance to combine my two loves…travel and photography.During this time i met many different people in different character in which i grew a fascination for documentary and portraits, and i told they story through my lens.
And very soon i finding myself falling in love with another story…the story about the boy meets girl….the story about you.
To me photography is art, it s not just capture the images or any special effect editing and i always believe picture  telling a story.
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